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"Kings Zone" was created on Saturday February 10th, 2001. It started as a place for me to play with HTML code, but I decided to make it something much more. I realized there isn't much out there in terms of Kings Fan Sites, though there are definately one or two quality sites out there. The one thing these places all lack is a source of high quality video highlights, which I have been archiving in my spare time anyway. I plan to provide these clips for download or in-browser viewing, for users with broadband Internet connections, or users on modems that have time to spare. Mainly though, I want to provide a nicely laid out, easy to follow web site that is updated often, so your Kings news is right here when you want it.

One thing I don't want this site to be is just unopinionated news from other sources. I am a Los Angeles Kings season ticket holder, and rarely miss a game, so I will be providing my own wrap-ups for certain games, as well as a weekly or bi-weekly column addressing current issues. I have other opinionated season ticket holders who have agreed to contribute a column as well.

Here is what is on the horizon for Kings Zone:

Near Future

Playoffs/Next Season

Site Credits

Site Creator - Ben Wishner (a.k.a. Styx)

Kings Relation:

I have been a Kings season-seat holder with my family since the beginning of the 1992-1993 season, and I am an avid, die-hard Kings fan. I eat, sleep, and (#2) Kings Hockey!

Personal Info:

I am 23 years old, and I attend Santa Monica College during the day.

I live in Downtown Los Angeles, within walking distance of Staples Center.

Server Info:

This web site currently runs on a web-dedicated Dual Celeron 500mhz Windows 2000 machine, running Microsoft IIS web server, and is connected to the internet via a 1536k/384k Enhanced ADSL connection. When and if the number of hits gets to a point where my connection is unable to handle the traffic, it will be relocated to a faster location.

Why Styx? Why

Why Styx? - I get asked this quite a bit. I am active in online multiplayer gaming, and virtually everyone uses a one word handle to identify themselves. I eventually came up with Styx. While they are a great band, the reason for choosing it was not really based upon the creators of Mr. Roboto. In Greek Mythology, the river Styx was the principal river of the underworld, which had to be crossed in passing to the regions of the dead. Gloomy, but I find Greek Mythology fascinating.

Why - The 66 in comes from a fabulous road trip I took one summer, where my friend and I drove from Los Angeles to Chicago and back along the famous Historic Route 66. Well, basically, was taken, so... :)

Contact Info:

I would LOVE feedback! It will help me make the site something you want to come back to, as well as let me know I am actually getting visitors! Please drop me a line at, or visit the Kings Zone message board and let me know how I'm doing!